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We understand that independence, engagement and choices are important. We are here to ensure that individuality is maximized and opportunities for meaningful engagement are available, and support is there when you need it.

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  • Floor plans and monthly fees 
  • List of Amenities
  • Assisted Living Cost Comparison Worksheet


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"The most significant advantage is that you can control how you want to live, knowing that you will have different needs and abilities as you age.  You can make these choices while you are able to do so and not depend on family to do so as you become infirm.  A continuing care community enables you to make decisions at a time when you are not in crisis, so that when a life-changing event occurs, a plan is in place. It is a plan you made."

Marna, resident at Ingleside at Rock Creek

"We’ve been married for almost 53 years, and our relationship with each other and with family is key to our happiness.  With three levels of care within one campus, we know we’ll be able to just walk across a courtyard and be together when it becomes necessary for one of us to move to a higher level of care."

Mary & Dan, residents at Ingleside at Rock Creek

"My requirements for a community were that they have all three levels of care and an indoor swimming pool. This is the only community in the District to fit the, I don't think you could find a warmer more friendly group of people than you'll find here at Ingleside at Rock Creek."

Bertha, resident at Ingleside at Rock Creek

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Our Well-Being Philosophy

Ingleside’s Well-Being Philosophy is at the heart of helping every individual in our Memory Care program flourish. Learn more about Ingleside’s Well Being Philosophy.

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Our culture

Engaged Living, is the cornerstone of every Ingleside community and these two simple words define our complete commitment to pledge respect, appreciation and a sense of inclusion to all.

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Ingleside Difference

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s, we can help your family navigate the complicated memory care journey. What is really memory care?

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